Saturday, June 16, 2018


     "Who do I see hiding in my garden?" asked the Gardener with a huge moth sitting on top of his hat.

"It's me.... White Rabbit.  And I am not hiding. I'm resting in this old stump."

                           "Do you intend to eat my flowers?"
"No. I am only resting. I followed Alice here  ... but she seems to have gotten lost ... or it is me that is lost?"
                        "I will be happy to help you search my garden 
                             for Alice ...
                             that is ...if you need my help."  
"That is very kind of you. Let's go .. lead the way."
                          "We can stop along our search and ask the 
            Whimsical Garden Friends if they have seen                           Alice."

                           "Hello Happy Tea Pot and Bird Bath. 
                           Have you seen White Rabbit's friend Alice?"
"Not me ....  Happy Little Tea Pots of water don't notice anything but  birds and bugs and butterflies when they come to drink. Why don't you ask Bird Bath."
                                "Bird Bath ... have you see Alice?"
"Swish ..swish ... I wish ... I only meet birds when they come to splash splash splash."  

"Hello Turtle. Have you seen Alice?" 

 "Noooo .... I don't ... think so. But .... after I climb down from ... this rock ... I will watch....for herrrr...."

                         "Hello Rainbow Fan. Have you seen Alice?
"WHIRRRR  whirrrr  whirrrrr .... Whoooooo? I don't know Alice. But I will whiiiiiistle whhhhhhen she whhhhhizzes by."

                              "Hello Fred and Frieda Frog. 
                                Has Alice passed by your rock?"
"Nope! ribbit ribbit ... Nope! We will croak very loud if we see an Alice hopping by."
                                          "Hello Blue Birds. Have you seen Alice?"
"If she flew by...... Then we may have ...... seen her. We did see a beautiful butterfly ......"

                            "Hello Buster Brown and Tige. Have you
                             seen White Rabbit's friend Alice?" 
"No. Perhaps you should ask Black Cat and Garden Angel."

                                      "Hello Black Cat and Garden Angel.
                         We are looking for Alice. Have you 
                             seen Alice?"
"YES!" said Black Cat. "She lived nearby on that bush ... in her cocoon. I saw her shed her cocoon ... wave her beautiful new wings.Then said she had to leave ... had to go to another garden far away."
"Yes!" said Garden Angel. "I saw her shed the cocoon and fluff her wings ... and she flew away."

 "Hello ...Hello!" called out Little Girl at Gate.  "I visited Alice for just a short time after she was a beautiful butterfly.We quickly became best friends. I asked her what garden she was going to fly to. She said .... she was going to the most beautiful garden imaginable! And she would never need another garden. She said she will miss all of her friends in this garden ... but she will see us all when we join her in the Beautiful Garden."
And ... I left White Rabbit to continue on his journey.
My friend Giant Moth flew off my hat to continue his flight from flower to flower sipping nectar
And I continued tending the garden ...occasionally looking up when a Beautiful Butterfly flew by. And one day ..... I hope I see Alice in her new Garden. 
 This Garden is dedicated to all beautiful butterflies who have shed their cocoons and flew into the arms of the Master Gardener.

                                   Vicki Rose Williams 
                                      1957 - 2018