Saturday, July 14, 2012


Are these three ladies holding up the world?
Or is the world heavily bearing down upon them?
Is the glass half full ....
or half empty?

Is my wheelbarrow FULL of pansies,

or half empty ..... a midnight snack for the deer?

My oh my...
how life and outlook and joy and plans can take
a sudden dive
and not look so
beautiful and fragrant
as a few days past.

And they ate my baby
Tomatoes, flowers, new sprouts  EVERYTHING!

So .... as a wise friend once reminded me,
...... "and God laughed when I said I'm going to do (this or that, sooner or later)"

So, is my tomato pot half full,
or half empty.

I want to believe I will see new
growth on the little plants.
No wait ...... I CAN believe
I WILL see
new growth on the little plants.
My grandson, Robby, said he and Naomi grew veggies inside their house one winter in Wyoming. 
If need be, I'll bring the little tomato plants into my living room and place them in the south facing window.
There now, I feel half-full of confidence that I will be eating my own tomatoes in December! 

These little setbacks mean nothing
in the
grand scheme of life and eternity.
I mean, really,
what do these half-empty circumstances
have to do with eternity?

I refuse to carry the weight of the world
on my shoulders ....
and I will look at my life as
a glass FULL!

cheers and bottoms up ...
and as another wise man once said,
"Don't sweat the small stuff!"

Yeah I know, Snickers, you tried to warn
me that the deer were getting wayyyyy
too territorial in our front yard.
 But that was
What harm can they do in the winter?

Oh yeah, you're right.
They liked it so much around our gardens that they promised,
"I'll be back!"

I wonder if Bloomers Nursery
has more petunias ......