Sunday, May 20, 2012

What's More Boring Than A Blank Bulletin Board?


Watching grass grow would top my list.

A close second ...... watching paint dry,
third .......waiting for snow to melt

 so that outdoor garden spring cleaning can begin.
Weeding, digging, shovel and rake.
Wheelbarrels and new electric trimmer......
the right tools to get the job done,
and be ready to plant and mulch,
fertilize and water.
Haul garden debris to compost pile out back
and when finished
hang gardening hat on hook in mudroom

next to Eldon's jacket and baseball cap .......

I traded the shovel and rake  -outdoor spring cleaning tools -
 for a broom and dustpan,
giant size trash bags,
and a strong resolve to spring-clean-out my closet!
Success ! Two trash bags bursting at the seams.
Out with the old, in with the new!

Looking around the washroom
I realized it was the smallest space in my house
in need of
spring cleaning.
Don't want to rush into  ...... say
 kitchen spring cleaning.

Washer and dryer .... check, they're clean.
Chest freeze ....... check, cleaned it out a month ago.
Jacket closet .... check, sorted and stored winter coats.
Pantry ..... no check. I'll do that next week.
Dog and cat food bin .... check.
the bulletin board.
No brainer decision. Easiest cleaning chore in the house.
Strip every photo, card, notes from the bulletin board and
replace them with new family photos,
special cards and mementos of 2012.

There now .... a clean slate start ........... fresh beginning.

And these are the "out with the old" items I removed from the bulletin board:

a valentine card from 1995

four note cards from friends given to us prior to our cruising adventures ... prayerfully quoting scriptures about sailing on wind whipped seas, troubled waters, and peace that comes from  knowing that Jesus "walked on the water", and perfect conditions to pull up anchor and sail close to shore with light breezes,

two gift cards:
one promising
the second, unlimited hand-holding.

A card given to Eldon after we had a difficult time in 2002....
 A breathtaking mountain top view of our world!
and inside the card I had written:
 My sweetheart .... yeah, you with the moustache!
There are two people climbing the mountain on the left. They've been in the valleys below amongst the trees - so many trees that they couldn't see anything else.  Once they get to the top - by carefully picking their way up the mountain - their view will be spectacular ... more beautiful than anything they've ever seen. They'll be closer to God in the heavens.
There was fog in the valleys ... and dark, dense foliage blocking their way.
But see how far they've climbed - holding each other, paving a trail and handholds for each other, and resting occassionally so the height wouldn't wear them out for lack of oxygen.
Next time they go down to the valley, they'll follow the new path they laid out to get back to where they started ....
probably at the botttom of the waterfall.
The water is crystal clear, sparkling and unfathomable depth.
They'll swim after their hot, difficult trek, then find a cool spot in the shade of a tree to dry off and rest in each other's arms.
And if either one gets lost from the other, all they need to do is call out and keep calling until they are found.
Thank you , my love, for walking this trail with me.
See you soon at the top!  (smiley face)
I love you,

Working in the garden he loved so much
and a
"song" he left for his children and loved ones.
I asked my son Dean what he thought Dad meant when he wrote that.
Dean said, "We are his song."

This picture was taken at Don and Kay's house near Klamath Falls - our Sea of Cortez cruising buddies - on our way from the cancer center,
finding out how gravely ill Eldon was.
and tacked onto the bulletin board right below our photo .....
(by author A.S. Byatt, Possession)
I had cut this out of a magazine:

and then he died ................

The beginning of the
"Year of the Firsts"
First Valentines Day,
February 14,  2009
I bought this a week before Eldon died, Feb. 3, 2009, 
in anticipation that he would still be with me.
and I wrote on the inside of the card:

You may need to squint ... look closely at my words ...
but I can't type them again ............

The "Year of the Firsts"
came to a close with Christmas, 2009.
Jill and Gary sent this card and I've had it on the bulletin board ....
as a reminder that
there is beauty and joy all around me...
it's a "singing" Christmas card ....
Silent Night
Holy Night
All is calm
All is bright .....
ending with
Sleep in heavenly peace,
sleep in heavenly peace.
Hmm .... that is my prayer.
These images will all go back onto the bulletin board.
And perhaps I'll overlay onto them new pictures,
greetings, blessings and up to date images of those
that are the nearest and dearest to my heart ...
family and friends who have strengthened and guided
me on this
journey through the shadow of death,
but I fear no evil,
for I am not alone.
A bulletin board is like a diary ....
you don't tear out the old pages when you write
a new chapter.
I look forward to pinning up something from you onto my bulletin board ....something from your heart.

but for now it's empty ....