Wednesday, May 4, 2011

"WIDOWS PEAK" .......

"Widows Peak" has taken on a whole new meaning!

The eyes are the same .... new glasses, more modern.....
meaning more expensive!
Hair just sprinkled with grey not too long ago
is now more salt than pepper. 
I see my beautician more often these days
for a touch-up.

Eyebrows need a bit more tweezin' to get rid of
unruly hairs wanting to grow into one long eyebrow
above my eyes.
LONGGGGG, dark hairs are sproinging out
where once the skin was smooth and hair-free.
Tweezers .... where are my tweezers?
Gotta find my tweezers!

The eyes .... they are still crystal clear and bright blue....
the shade of my Father's side of the family,
like my brother Terry's eyes.

I keep my hair short now-a-days ...
and combed up and away from my face.
The sagging neck doesn't look as prominent that way.

I have a pull-up bar that Eldon installed in the doorway between
the bathroom and bedroom.
I wish I could get better results from using it and have
"everything" that's giving way to gravity "pull-up."

I have wrinkly lines on my upper lip, cheeks and
I call the cheek wrinkles "dimples."
I always wanted dimples.

My brothers have prominent peeks at their hairline.
Very distinguised and handsome.
I decided one day to style my hair differently.
Pull it back so my Kaemerer family "widows peak" showed.

I wore it that way one whole day.
Everytime I saw my reflection in a mirror or sidewalk window
I thought it was one of my brothers or
my Dad staring back at me.
I looked like the men in my family!
That's not so bad .... unless you're one of their

My prominent Kaemerer Family "Widows Peak"
shouldn't hide behind  a hair style with bangs.
It's quite attractive, actually.


I wonder if Eldon would like this new hairstyle
showing my "Widow's Peak."
.......  NAW!
He'd say, "You look just like your brother JOE!"
(no offense, Joe, you are quite handsome!)

I'll wear my "Widow's Peak" with dignity
and  grace .....
knowing I can hide it anytime I want.

I only wish I could hide the
widow part...........