Monday, July 9, 2012


Dedicated to my dear Great Niece,
Autumn Hansen

Sprinklers to run through,
picnic table for 4th of July bar-b-que...
where is the red and white tablecloth
and watermellon?
A swing, a white chair overlooking the pond and
I love summer.

Bright red poppies hugging the rail fence,
and a path that goes nowhere but
round and round and round.

Even chipmunks need a little shade
after a drink from the pond
and playing hide and seek
with Perro.

A double rainbow stretches across the valley
after a refreshing summer shower.

Sweet William and Bachelor Buttons, Daisies
and a strawberry patch. What more does a garden need?
How could I forget the cherry tree and rasberries, and
tomatoes in large black buckets,
fruit trees
and an automatic sprinkler system
to keep the garden green.

Is anything prettier than an old wheelbarrow
overflowing with  Petunias and Pansies ...
hi cute faced Pansies!

A cozy corner for geraniums to grow,
and a place for me to pray and remember ..... mmmm,
and watch the goldfish in the pond swim lazy circles through the
beneath a net,
safeguarding their home
from a hungry giant blue heron
who occassionally stops by.

Elizabeth Ann (Byrne) Kaemerer
1918 - 2005
She loved to bring in produce from our garden.

And Eldon .... usually scraping, hauling, digging and playing
 on his tractor,
occassionally tidied flower beds.

Me and my shadow are a good team!

My neighbor's horses ... Teaser and Little Man,
a few years ago,
very efficient "lawn mowers".

My neighbor's current stable:
Teaser, Dee Dee, Jumpin' Jack Flash.
"Tres Caballos" Landscaping specialists!
July 9, 2012
Their other speciality is the production and distribution of
Manufacturing some now ......

My favorite garden picture!
Soon after the photo was taken
my neighbor's horses had the sunflowers for lunch!
They've never grown back like this again.
 "White Eyes"
She was one of 18 fish we put into our pond in 2004. She was about as long as my ring finger.
She is now the
Old Lady Of the Pond.
The Alpha fish.

Thank you, Autumn, for strolling through the years
and cultivations of my beautiful gardens with me.
Some years they were lovelier than others.
My gardens are smaller this year ...
way more labor than I can do by myself.
I keep my grounds around the house and barn
neat and tidy with my newly purchased electric weed wacker.
I can count on my family being here to help when
it takes more muscles than I have
for heavy duty landscaping,
repairs, tractor work (don't have to ask twice to
get someone to "play" with my tractor).
And I look forward to your family's visit ...
Kayla can feed the fish and
sit on my neighbors horse, Teaser,
and the rest of us can just sit under the
giant Juniper, sip ice tea
 and take turns
on the swing!
Love and blessings.
GAM .... Great Aunty Monica

And when winter comes
I rest ......