Sunday, May 6, 2012


I sit in "Marie's Chair" every morning when I say good morning to the day
and spend time in God's Word.
It belonged to my friend and mother of my son-in-law,
Jim Williams.
Marie was a saint.
And she's sitting right now upon a
special chair in
the presence of God.

The chair swivels so I can turn and see the pond ....
which is my reminder to take my coffee out to the deck when I'm finished
conversing and listening to God,
and have a bubbly conversation with
"White Eyes" and her school of  .... oh about 35 goldfish.
It's rather difficult to count goldfish.
They scoot and scurry about so quickly that
I count a few more than once.
There's no doubt White Eyes is the
Alpha Fish.
Where she leads they will follow.

Water is the giver and sustainer of life for a goldfish.
They breed (yes goldfish do that)
are laid as teeny tiny eggs on a water plant,
they're born
and try to survive (goldfish are cannibals and will eat their eggs and.... gulp
young, I think they'r called "fry."
And I'm drawn daily into their world from "Marie's Chair".

I saw another sustaining life-experience on the internet the other day.
It dramatically illustrates just how
critical water can be
for life giving

This young man
didn't spend much time in his
but the moment he was immersed
his life
And he came up out of that puddle
a new man.

Water as rain,
which we don't get much of in the summer
in south central Oregon,
is so welcome the local residents
express silly giggles and
and aahhhhh during the brief showers.
The automatic watering system I had installed
for the gardens inside the rail fence
help me to enjoy the benefits of
a good drenching
to all the flowers that be
and will be
as the summer progresses.

Speaking of flowers ........
these are for you
My granddaughter, Naomi,
(a gifted photographer)
took this picture of my tulips a few years ago.
I have a program on my laptop
that allows me to
change the image ....
this was
"cartoon image."
Another bouquet sent
to you today, sister dear.

Bring on the sunshine,
bring on the rain,
but make it fast
before it snows again!
Have a lovely
tulip-filled day!