Wednesday, March 18, 2015

First Day of Spring  
March 20, 2015 ...
but this year there is no snow 
on the daffodils 
by the 
front gate 

Spring 2013
and the fence by the front gate is 

The spikey fence in the back garden,
so lovely in 2013,

is broken, 
leaning sadly in the rain
  sluggish and drizzly rain ....
 The bucket, fence and 
apricot tree ....

busted, fractured,ruptured, shattered ...
splintered, torn apart, pulverized, damaged,
(take a deep breath and continue)
not working, broken down, in disrepair, out of order,
on the blink, on the fritz, kaput, 
beaten, crushed, vanquished, disheartened, humbled, fallen.

Spring rain shrouds 
 distant hills, 
drizzly and wet...
I hoped for sunshine 
and fluffy white clouds,
warming the earth 
while I pull weeds in the garden,
mulch the flower beds,
and prune the roses.

And then I saw a double rainbow when the
storm clouds parted .....

Opposite of 
whole, intact, functioning, running,
humming, invincible, indomitable,
Today's rainbow is 
At second glance,

the apricot tree is
blossoming with 
 promises of fruit.
 the first announcement of spring,
always happy and lovely ....
I hardly notice the less than perfect fence
 leaning ever so slightly.
A bit of duct tape will make the bucket useful again.

An artist's inspiration is often imperfection ...
it's much more interesting
in an imperfect kind of way....
as am I, 
slightly perfect in an imperfect kind of way.

Rainbows and daffodils 
broken fences repaired ...

Spring 2015 is off to a memorable start!