Saturday, April 16, 2011


A journey .... a new adventure or endeavor can be laughable/frustrating :
 take my previous "Candle" Blog post, for example.
This Candle has special memories that I will share in the future.
But for now..... AAGGGHHHH, I had downloaded the photo, expecting a text box to show up for the text .... BUT IT DIDN'T. 
I thrive on challenges? So I wrote a "Comment" the same as so many of you have done,
but I basically wrote a comment to myself. Funny .... it worked.
 Threading my way through a complicated Blog-world
will help me on this winding path  my new life has taken without him  

My Blog, "WHOW, Widows Helping Other Widows" has added new light and glimmer to the "Candle Story."
And I promise to share that glimmer very soon.