Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Memories In The Making 
 Christmas Now..... 2014
Welcome to my home during this Christmas Season!

Memories To Share of Christmas's Past .... 

And Christmas Future ......?
not a clue!
Except! Danielle and Rob are expecting a baby
to add to our Christmas 2015 Joy!
Christmas 2015 .... 13 Great Grandchildren!
Now that's a whole bunch of Christmas Joy!

Christmas 2014
Musical Revolving Christmas Globe
The first decoration I put out. 
Lovely tune, 
cheery winter clad dancing people 
and Snowman revolving around and around 
a base covered with sleighbells, and winter scenes. 
But where shall I put the tiny Nativity Scene
and Angels ......?

A step back to Christmas's Past ......
 Betty Kaemerer, my mom, 2004, Walmart Shopper!
This was Mom's Christmas card that year!

Hunter ... my favorite picture of a little kid at Christmas! 2006

The gifts that keep on giving ... and giving ...2006
Eldon and Vicki

Sooooo ..... where's Monica's stocking? 2007

"Eldon's Shirt Quilt" 2011
Grateful Laughter, Jill and Monica
(Jill along with family and friends helped make the quilt out of Eldon's flannel and denim shirts!)

Appreciative hugs and grateful tears for the quilt

"Grandpa Bears"2011
(my Bear is sitting on the top shelf of my desk...
smiling and happy, looking down at me .....He's 
the one at the far left in the picture)
Each Grandpa Bear wears a custom made 't-shirt' from
one of Eldon's t-shirts.

2009 Eldon and Monica
Jill made these "handsome fellows" out of Eldon's bathrobe 
and t-shirt emblems.
Another was made for 
David, his brother,
and one was given to Joyce, his sister.
Christmas 2011
Posted on my blog
Original Poem written by Monica Lawson, 1984

Thanksgiving is past
and the joys of Christmas season 2011 are upon us.

This morning I thought of another holiday season
that brought sadness...
 Dec. 1984
my Dad died.
 I had written this poem a few weeks before his death and sent it to him:
"I Thought Of You Today And Said A Little Prayer"

'Out of sight
not out of mind
nor out of heart and prayer,
just because I'm over here
and you're ......................way over there.

I see the joy upon your face,
it warms me here right now.
How can I see you far away?
God showed me you,
that's how.'
Monica Lawson, 1984
I also sent this little poem - Dec. 17, 1984 - to a special lady I'd never met.
Betty Harwell
She was dying from cancer.
She was my daughter Jill's mother-in-law.
I changed the wording a little before sending it to her.
Instead of saying "I see the joy ....
I wrote, "I see the pain upon your face,
and pray for you right now.
How can I see you far away?
God showed me you, that's how."
I grieved that she would not live long enough to
see another Christmas,
or know the beautiful grandchildren
who were coming into her family.

My daughter ministered to her body and soul,
and she was ready to meet Jesus when she died. 
I'll  meet her one day when,
as my little poem said.
"God showed me you ...."

 Do you have loved ones
rejoicing in life,
full of joy and expectations.....
or struggling to find anything joyful about this

Please share this little poem
with my blessings.
And as I did,
 over time,
 I sent it again...
and again....
and again ...
 heartfelt words
to relatives,
and strangers.
Some of the people I sent this to
are no longer here .....
but if I close my eyes
and open my heart
I can see them because ......
"God showed me you,
that's how."

This photo taken Christmas Season 2008

My Christmas prayer for you ......
if you have nothing to give
a loved one this Christmas ...
there is no greater gift
than your love.
And after all,
that's the greatest gift of all!
Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year!
Monica Lawson,
Little Old Widder Woman

Friday, December 2, 2011


Calendars And Lists

My favorite calendars to collect were those we got when Eldon was driving tanker truck for Shell Oil and the company gave away
Charles Wysocki calendars at gas stations across the U.S. .
Wysocki is my favorite artist ..... actually it's a tie between him and Norman Rockwell.
Wysocki died a few years ago
but fortunately his brilliant talent is
on calendars, note cards, coffee mugs and my heart.
I began my Wysocki calendar collection when my children were very young,
saving some of them
discarding all but a few.
My calendars weren't works of art to me
way back then.
I wrote in each little square, each month,
every year .............
dentist appointments, school functions, church get-togethers,
happy occassions, adventures and mis-adventures.....
and a few squares were blotched
by tears ........

In recent years, calendars became our favorite Christmas gift to give to our children ..... but not just any calendar!
It had to be a Charles Wysocki calendar ...
(if you look very closely at each beautifully painted
picture you can find
an American flag!)
 Every Christmas 
Eldon and I would fill in the calendars
with yellow balloon shapes or heart shapes signifying
a loved one's birthday or anniversary,
and I gave each family member a Birthday verse from the Bible.

 Our Grandchildren grew up and married.  
Soon we couldn't afford a Wysocki calendar for every family.
We limited the calendars to our adult children and spouses...
Vicki and Jim
Jill and Gary
Dean and Karen
Neal and Theresa
(first names listed are our children)

Hawaii 2006   50th Wedding Anniversary
Eldon and I are on the far right. Our daughter (in-law) Theresa was unable to be there with us. 
Our family expanded
as well as our hearts to include
Grandchildren's spouses and great grand children .....

Eldon and I were
Gifts .... presents ....
at Christmas became a financial impossibility,
not to mention postage for packages to locations from Alaska to the east coast.
And not just Christmas ...
but how to remember birthdays and anniversaries for over 40 loved ones!
People who know me well
know that I have a favorite habit to help remember
important things.....

My "listing" habit gave me a good idea!
And the idea grew ......grew.....grew as our family

Each year the calendar changed as family members got married,
had children...or sadly left .....
(but have never left their place in my heart!)

Grandparent's Blessings and Great Grandparent's Joy
Psalm 128:1-6
Special Days come and go, but a heart smiles if someone remembers.
Name       Birthday    Anniversary    Birthday Scripture

and the information is filled in.

At the bottom of the list of birthdays and anniversaries:
There are so many people to love and remember on the special days of their lives. Thank you for continued love, patience, forgiveness, humor, concern, commitment, and prayers. If you read each person's Birthday Scripture you'll be doubly blessed by remembering the face of a loved one, and by reading the scripture you'll see the face of God.
You have blessed me more abundantly than words can express.
All my love and blessings,
Monica Rose Lawson,
Mother, Grandmother, Great-Grandmother
and loved widow of C. Eldon Lawson
Eldon's death in 2009 made me change the last line, in remembrance of him.
A Very Special Calendar
In January 2010 I was at the local drug store waiting for a prescription. While waiting I noticed a stack of new 2010 calendars on the counter. They were free so I took a couple. I opened the calendar to January 2010..........
the following email and photos below best describe what happened after I opened to the first month,
January 2010.

E mail correspondence with
The Norman Rockwell Licensing Company


Clarence Eldon Lawson
Norman Rockwell Calendar
January 2010
If you knew Eldon 
you can see him in this Norman Rockwell painting.
I scooped up numerous January 2010 calendars,
sharing them with family members ....
who were as touched and amazed at the likeness
Norman Rockwell painted (many, many years ago)
the likeness of my darling husband Eldon.

Thank you for following my blog throughout the year.
I shared this happy memory as my Christmas gift to you.
May the love and joy,
surprises and blessings be yours
the rest of this year and 
on into 2015.
With much love,
Monica Lawson
The Little Old Widder Woman