Saturday, February 7, 2015

Valentines Day 2015

I bet everyone could find sentiments of 
tucked away in a Bible,
or a book,
an envelope
or stuffed into a purse left on a
shelf in the closet,
forgotten sentiments
of love poked into a discarded purse ....
containing a
stub from a paid water bill from last year,
 chewing gum wrappers,
receipt from the Mexican restaurant you last shared  chips and salsa before the main course,
a comb with most teeth missing,
and a crumpled up note he sent ... 
apologizing for being angry,
dated  Feb. 14th

Kiss and Make Up Sessions
Unlimited Hand-Holding
I'm glad I decided to finally clear away the items on the shelf where I
put things I no longer wanted, items to donate to 
the second hand store.
The purse .... emptied out onto the floor,
and out fell the last Valentine cards he gave me.
I sat on the closet floor and read them ...... 
promises of
unending love and 
kiss and make up sessions. So clever
and so like him .....
 not  gushy or overly sentimental.
I opened my keepsake drawer,
rummaged through envelopes, 
albums and ......
found the last card I bought for him for
Valentines Day
Feb. 14, 2009

I never had a chance to give it to him.
Eldon Lawson
Sept. 15, 1935 - Feb. 3, 2009
But I put it on the bulletin board, along with 

a Valentine from Mexico,

A reminder of two little people scaling  
great heights, overcoming huge obstacles.

Speaks for itself.......

A promise ........

Blessings from friends before one of our ocean journeys.

Eldon's favorite saying .......

"I always wanted to be a cowboy and a sailor"... (thanks Dean.)

This was my bulletin board
the first year
after our last 
Valentines Day.
It held lovely reminders of our 
love, lives, devotion, tears and joy.
After all,
isn't that what a bulletin board is supposed to hold and  
Valentines Cards meant to express?
Love and blessings to all 
on this upcoming 
Valentines Day