Thursday, January 10, 2013


Paths and fences .......
and hidden memories
 etched in snow.....
but soon to melt with the coming Spring.

Now where did Perro go?
He started to come into the house with me
after checking out the
tracks, and lines and shadows
left by deer in the front yard ....but he turned around and went back outside.

Maybe he went out to the barn... or is looking for his ball. Hmmmm .....curious.

No .... he's not looking for his ball...
he passed right by it.

If I stand on this snow drift I can see him .... and see where he's going.

Ahhh..... it's Betsy clearing the
snow from my driveway.

"Thanks, Betsy!" I yelled and waved. She smiled at me and continued plowing .....
erasing some of the lines and tracks and shadows
left by my furry visitors .. the animal neighbor-friends who live with me at the top of the hill.
I went indoors and poured a cup of coffee .. asking Betsy if she wanted one -
she nodded no thanks, and continued on down the driveway, clearing ice and snow drifts .....
etching a new fresh path for the next journey
I would be making.
I stood, sheltered if not warmer, at the backporch window .... and saw the earlier tire tracks I'd made disappear beneath the tractor's snow shovel.
mmmmm ......
So like the memories of a lifetime ..
etches, lines, prints and shadows left in my mind and heart ....
Some memories, like recent tracks and lines and shadows are right on the surface....
But the memories etched, left by a  person or event in my life, are too deep to erase
An empty swing, now laden down with snow and one of the ropes fraying due to wind and weather ... but once carried me high up into the air, pushed from behind by strong hands and muscular back .....
Picnic table ...
once spread with a checkerboard cloth laden down with cheese and crackers, a bottle of "Dago Red" poured into pint-size canning jars ....
now display tiny tracks etched in snow ... squirrels and birds eeking out a meal from the Juniper berries still clinging to the branches.
The chill of winter hasn't erased the sweet memories stored in the heart of this grand old tree.
How fortunate .....
lines and tracks and shadows in the snow
are erasable...
but our hearts are the storehouses of
faces and memories of loved ones lost in death,
 or far away friends who have
 gone on to other places .....
If I close my eyes
and open my heart wide
I can see you ...
because God made hearts that way.  
"Come on, Guiness, let's find my ball!"
And they raced off in search of a new adventure...
leaving fresh tracks in the snow.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

TRACKS >>>>>>>>

What is  lurking out of sight in the forest? 

Perro followed the tracks in the snow under the archway and hurried through the gate to tell
me about the tracks he'd been following.
"I think critters are lurkin' in the forest in daytime
and leaving these tracks at night," he said and sniffed at the marks
left in the snow.

TRACKS<<<<<<  >>>>>>>   >>>>>
_________________      __________     LINES,
AND   SHA  DOWS iin the snow!
Sniff .... sniffff ..... sniff
"It think deer are lookin' digging in the snow
 in our yard at night," Perro said, gazing up at me.
He sped around the corner to the pond,
 leaving his tracks in the snow.        

 "Nothin' but birds drinkin' and flappin' ....." he barked loudly.
"Let's go indoors ..." I told him from the porch ...
shivering and my teeth chattering. "We'll put out some hay
for them ... I saw a doe with two fawns early this morning
before I let you out." Perro joined me on the porch.
"We can't let those little ones go hungry."
"Yeah ....... feed them and
they'll come back in the summer and
eat all your veggies and fruit and flowers and ..."
"Mmm hmmm." I agreed. "And you'll have
a busy, job of it chasing them back into the forest!"
Perro's upper lip curled into a smile and his stubby tail wiggled as he followed me into the house.
Thank you for your patience and continued interest
in my blog!
Little Old Widder Woman, MoniRose (new name! do ya like it?)

Friday, January 4, 2013



For some reason
I've been unable to insert
photos from
My Pictures file
for the past two days.

TThought, of course, it's something I did
or didn't do to "break it"!

Aaron, my grandson ... an amazing
walked me through various and possible solutions.

And as you can see by our picture,
his "temporary" solution works.

Thanks Aaron!
aka:   Little Old Widder Woman, Monica