Thursday, May 17, 2012



Spring 2012 is finally here
and my driveway had to be plowed only twice
during the winter of 2011-2012.

It's May 2012 but we could still get snow!
I've heard "old geezers" say,
"Why ... I've been here all my life and
it's snowed on the 4th of July and ruined the parade!"

Spring cleaning!
I start outside by organizing my tools:
Wheelbarrel (or is that wheelbarrow ?) check.
Rake ... check.
Shovel ... check.
Clippers and pitchfork.... check.
Digger tool and
Don't forget the straw hat and straw
for the strawberry bed....check.
A couple of days with Jill and Gary here
repairing and restoring and tearing out
has gotten my garden Spring cleaning off to a good start.
And God is doing His part ....
 blue skies, rainbows after a refreshing downpour, and billowy clouds.

I made a diagram of the gardens - one of my famous LISTS - to
help me keep track of what I've done and need to do, buy, dig out, remove or plant.
Aunt Irene's Garden
 (her ashes are scattered where the
tulips and daffodils are politely giving
way for peonys and snow-in-summer to arise. 

Front yard grass (which has become almost totally clover ... which I love as do the honeybees and my neighbors horses who are invited  to "mow" the lawn)

Veggie garden where daffodils still stand guard, 
will soon hold
a small array of fruit and veggies:
tomatoes, strawberries, rasberries, chard ....
not the former glorious abundance
the garden once produced.

But there's only so much a
little old widder woman can do ....

 Last but not least
the pond.
I don't have to do anything for the pond plants- the water lilies are starting to inch their way up to the surface and soon there will be beautiful flowers floating in the pond to enchance the lives of the  goldfish. (Gasp ... I counted 8 new baby goldfish! Bringing the total to 40!)
 The ducks?
they're decoys! No mess, no fuss, no bother!

 Slowly, like the
inch worm
I've made progress battling the crabgrass and weeds growing
where real grass and flowers are meant to grow.

The only thing I have to be concerned about now is
will it snow on our 4th of July Parade?!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I think I'll hold off to plant the tomatoes until AFTER the 4th of July!

 Spring cleaning indoors will start a little late this year ....
I still have soooooo much to do in my gardens so they will look like this:

Great Grandson Tyler strolling through my garden a few years ago.

 Happy Spring cleaning in your 2012 gardens!
And may they be abundant, fragrant and fruitful!