Friday, June 3, 2011


What's a  birthday ......without balloons from Aaron and Eldon

And hearts and kisses from Joanna and Hunter

and encircling Betty with love..... her kids, grandkids, inlaw kids, best friends ....... and a picture of Desi
and Big Des in their hearts.

and flowers and cards and cake and candy and more balloons from
Monica and Jill

The girls really know how to throw a party ...
G.G.G Betty said,
"and we'll order an anchovie pizza with the works!"
"I HATE anchovies," Danielle and Melissa said.
"Just take them off," said Theresa and Jill.
"Sounds kind'a fishy to me!" Monica added.

Melissa's birthday party ... but she's sharing it with you.
Her mom, Jill, loves to give birthday parties. Vicki and Monica love going to them!

"Not flowers for ME!!! They're for Nonna the Great Great!"
Gary told William. (It's the thought that counts.)

"Yeah, G.G., I wanted to come to your
birthday .... but I got duty." James apologized.

"I wanted to come to your birthday party," Devon gurgled and cood. "But Mommy and Daddy said I'm too little."
Jessica and Ryan wish you Happy Birthday!

Betty met these two handsome Great Great Grandsons
in 2005 at
Eldon's 70th birthday party ...
That was quite a party

They've grown up quite a bit .....

We're all dressed and want to dance at your party, Nonna!
"Don't step on my fancy shoes," Theresa warned Neal.
Add caption       (Monica adds, I can't erase that stupid phrase
'Add caption .........
so it stays!)

"Alaska Moose Filet Mignon,"
Dean says, "So tender you don't have to put your teeth in!"
"Shhh, Dean. Don't say that about her teeth.You'll make Nonna feel bad!" Karen said.
"Nahhhh, she never wears them anyway and does just fine!"
"Don't trust them," Ryan warns. "It's probably an old
Alaskan Bear's tail. ...... hey! That would make quite a
Birthday Tale, wouldn't it G.G.Nonna?"

"So what is it, really?" Monica asks Pauline, the family chef.
"Nothing but the best for G.G. Nonna's birthday bar b que ....
definitely Alaskan Moose Filet Mignon!"

 "Heh, heh, heh ....... I wouldn't believe that for a second!" Nathan
laughed. "Birthdays in Alaska serve up any old carcass that happens to be laying around."

Enough of the frigid far north ...
Here's a Hawaiian birthday sunset for you Mom.
"I missed meeting you by thisssss much, Nonna the Great Great,"
said Maya. "But my mommy, Karissa, told me all about you." 

"Hey, Great Great Nonna, get a helmet and
Daddy (Jeremy) will take you 4 wheelin' " Tyler says.
"I wanna go toooooo," Trenton insisted. "I'll get my helmet and one for G.G. Nonna."

"..... and then I says to your Dad (Eldon) I have to watch
Wheel of Fortune every night,"
and then he says,
'but I
have to watch  Bill O'Reilly,'
"then I says to him ........" 

Hi G.G. Nonna! Here's my family... Andrea says.
Angie, David and Drew,
Damion and Will...... they never met a tree they 
couldn't climb!" 

You know this is an old picture of me, Conner says.
But Nonna, the Great (your daughter)
says this is her favorite picture of me .....
I give you a butterfly for your birthday!

Five generations
give you all kinds of
 birthday wishes...
the picture was taken your last summer in Lakeview....2005
we've grown up
and some have grown apart.... as happens in families.
But we all wish you happy birthday!
Dean and Karen, Ryan
Jeremy and Tyler
Monica and Eldon

Most recent picture of Hunter and Joanna...
hugs and birthday kisses to Nonna the Great Great


"Okay, so you met Maya ... the cute little dumpling
pinching her cheek. You missed our wedding...
Nonna the Great Great, I'd like you to meet
Neil, my handsome husband, " Karissa said.

"and here we are...
Joanna, Ray and Hunter ... a recent picture",
Joanna says. "Wish you could be a tourist
with us .... we go to the neatest, fun places
all over the U.S.A."

"Happy Birthday, Nonna!" Mary Ann says.
"I've missed you so much ...
and here's Larry ..
you'd like him! "

"I'll play my drum for you...
pa rum pu pu pum ....
oh wait," Mary Ann says.
"That's a Christmas song!
But I will play my drum for you......
for your birthday!"

Joanna, what a beautiful bride!
And the other three - Vicki, Betty, and Monica
aren't bad lookin' either!
It was 1998
in Fairbanks, Alaska.
G.G. Nonna brought the veil wreath
her mother, Julia, wore at her own wedding in 1917.
G.G. placed it on your head ....
if I could choose a memory
that expands my heart
to no bounds....
this would be it.
A wonderful twist to the story is
you were name Joanna ...
one of Julia's names is
But not known until way after you were born
and named .... as it would seem, after her.
I think this is a gift for all occassions ..
birthday, wedding, anniversary.
Thank you for letting her share it with you.

Naomi, Conner and Robby...
G.G Nonna would have visited you!
She loves the kind of country where you live.
You gave her a gift
when she met Conner, her first Great Great Grandson,
She talked about you three for ages after you left.

Shhhhhh .... I think I can hear G.G.G .....
Nope! It's just angels singing . I wonder if she can hear them.
Hi G.G.G. I'm Aiden and I have a new baby brother, Devon.
You'd like him. I do.

Poppa Jim .... and Conner.
Jim, my mother thought the world of you.... "That Jim! He's
terrific!" she said.
Hmm.... Monica is thinking .....
Jim was my first Son-in-law (now my son)
and Conner was my first Great Grandson....
just a nice picture to end
this birthday bash
from this part of the family.

Elizabeth "Betty" Kaemerer
you have been
and always will be
Great, Great, Greatest
Nonna in the world!


Out of sight,
not out of mind,
nor out of heart and prayer....
just because we're over here
and you're way over              there.
We see the joy
upon your face
and say a prayer right now.

How can we see you far away?
God showed us you
that's how!
Monica Lawson 1984

..........................................The Women In Betty's Life
are up next .............. (saved the best for last)

Red Dog
and Patches
Happy Birthday to You!