Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Daffodils, Crocus, and Memories

 Memories are like spring flowers .... they pop up in places you least expect.
Email from Suzy, my sister-in-law, April 12, 2011
"Hi Monica,  David and I just read your wonderful remembrance in your blog of first meeting Eldon and what you thought and saw. We are both so touched. David talked about the 52 Hudson and remembered it like it was yesterday. It started him talking about that year in particular when he joined the Marine Corp (following in Eldon's footsteps) .
Not too long after David joined the service Dad Lawson and Eldon came to see him at boot camp. Eldon told David about this incredible girl, "Monica", that he had met.
Life just seems so short, in hind sight, and can seem so long when you are young and wanting everything to happen right now. We are both so fortunate, girl, to have been gifted with the men that God gave us and to have lived and experienced true love.
God is good and holding you close, Love you, Suzy"

Without realizing it, I gave my brother-in-law, David, a freshly picked bouquet of spring flowers  ..... a memory shared of the springtime of our lives.

Love and blessings, David and Suzy. I spent a delightful afternoon reviewing the old posts in my blog .... and this one is especially heartwarming to me. It's worth sharing again. Monica   Oct. 5, 2014