Saturday, November 26, 2011



Writing .... art .... composing music
 are "hearts and hands"
 forms of creativity that brings meaning and "soul" into our lives
Similarly, producing a child ... or children
has been the ultimate creativity for me.
Four canvases ..... pure and untouched before birth.
Upon taking their first breath,
the "colors" and dimensions,
perspective and depth
of my life took on a 
brilliant hue I never knew existed in
God's rainbow!
You might assume I'm a young mother.....watching and guarding
my offspring, nurturing and guiding.
However ..... I'm a Little Old Widder Woman

rejoicing in the memories
of once-upon-a-time
holding their tiny feet in my smooth hands....
baby cheek to my unlined cheek ...
gazing into baby-blues (one baby has baby-greenish)
with my bifocal-less
20x20  vision.
Time passes so quickly ....
only old people think so.
But I'm not old-old yet ... simply old.

But when I become old-old
I'll have my creased and worried brow
and parched and crackled lips
refreshed by
soft and gentle great-grandchildrens' hands.

I'll try to pull memories to share with them from my
filled-to-the-brim old-old brain.....
adventures and misadventures of their grandparents
and parents
and great-grandparents
(that would be me and Eldon)

And in my final hours,
they will gather around
and coax me to eat just one more bite...
rest a bit because I'm about to go on my
biggest adventure ever .....
tell them one more time how I swam with
a whale shark in the Sea of Cortez ...
or helped save a whale from a beach in La Paz.

However .....
Old-Old just 'aint me yet!!!!!
Pardon me for now,
but I have to go out to the barn and
feed my neighbor's horses and clean out the stalls,
fix a rail on my fence that fell after the last snow storm,
continue the long overdue finishing touches on my
Unfinished Masterpiece
"Family Treasures"

let's see ....
I think I'll work on
the family treasures in
this little
jewelry box ...

I have lots of stories to tell after being away from my blog
for a few months.
I've missed chatting with you ......