Saturday, November 15, 2014

 November 15, 2014
And my readers weren't even aware there was a problem
downloading photos to my blog!

I don't share EVERYTHING with you!
But I have three 
go-to helpers 
who are always here to
help and encourage me because  
I am a 
Technically Challenged Blogger
and need all the help I can get when something doesn't work as it should.

Me .....

  Myself .....

and     I

And Google helps out when 
Me, Myself, and I
are at a loss to solve the problem when there is a glitch in my blogpost site.

I switched from
Internet Explorer to Google as my browser 
and that fixed the photo download problem.
I'll have to ask Me, Myself or I if they know the answer to that question.

And it snowed last night which gave me a reason to stay indoors and add a new post to my blog.
But for the life of me ..
I don't have anything to write about. 
So I'll just let my fingers do the walking and we'll all be surprised at what I write about.

I know!!!!  I'll post snow photos ....
I love winter.
I love snow.
It covers all the fall weather outdoor chores I neglected to do.
Winter 2007

The first Thanksgiving we were in our new house
we spent it with our children in Seattle area ... 
we hadn't had snow yet ...
just cold cold weather.
Eldon said he was looking forward to seeing the 
first snow and view of the mountains ...
but warm and cozy inside our cute little red house at the top of the hill. 
But it had snowed while we were gone.
We were so disappointed.
and we missed it.

It was cold
and stayed cold and we shoveled snow ....
it soon became not so much fun!

So he bought an old, old Ford tractor - he called it Old Red - and practiced driving it
with any helper who wanted a ride..... Conner.

And he built a barn...... Missy helped.
She assured him that she knew how to build stuff
because she took woodshop in school.

And he added a workshop and stalls on either side ...
with Dean and Neal offering advice and
driving nails,
and sawing wood
and drinking beer!

And when it was finished
he drove Old Red into the barn.

When it got very cold ......
very, very cold,
he built a fire in the sturdy
woodstove a friend built for the shop.

Eldon and Perro stayed warm and cozy
no matter how much it stormed and snowed.
He was a happy man ...
a very happy man.

But changes were just over the horizon ......

 Old Red was
old .... and kind of cranky .... difficult to steer and stop,
 load and unload, shovel and dump.

So he bought a new tractor.
Big Blue.
Power steering .... and lots of bells and whistles, he used to say.

Let it snow
let it snow
let it snow!

He was a happy man .....
yes, a very happy man.

And he tried to teach me how to operate Big Blue. 
Hm mmm! 
One time I almost lost control and was sliding down the icy driveway! He yelled and ran after me and Big Blue 
shouting something about the brake .... hit the brake! 
"If I knew how I wouldn't be sliding!" I yelled.
Happy ending to THAT adventure. 

He loved us...... 
loved the three of us .....
For this I am most thankful!

Happy Thanksgiving!