Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Bride's Been Kidnapped!

Whisked away, out of the hands of the groom, the young barefoot bride yelled her husband's name, repeatedly, as she valiantly fought her kidnapper, but to no avail. He lifted her off her feet as if she was a feather and plunked her down in the car, driving off at  break-neck speed. The groom couldn't follow because someone - probably one of the groomsmen - hid the keys to the 58 Chevy, their new car awaiting  to take them to their first night as husband and wife. His bride's shoes sat empty at the spot on the dancefloor where she had slipped out of them to dance with her Dad. The groom clenched his jaw and fists, ready to hit someone, as he franticly tried to run after the get-away car, now out of sight.