Saturday, February 28, 2015

1930's or 1940's to 2015

I'm here to tell you a true story .... 
I know it's true because I was there.

I am 
The Chair.

Once upon a time,
a long time ago,
I was young ... strong, 
built with extra padding
and heavy brown upholstery fabric.
But over time ... many years passed ..... 
I became faded and worn, tired looking,
and the Old man who once appreciated me
didn't want me any more.
Neither did he want my twin chair.
I served him well ... I suppose. As well as any
 overstuffed chair can serve the comfort of humans.
The year was 1957. 
I was lifted out of his old house 
and brought to a new old house.
My twin went to a young couple. I never saw 
my twin again.
This new old house was recently occupied by 
a young man and his bride. 

They picked a place in the new old house for me .... in front 
of the big windows ... in the tiny crowded living room,
and spent much time snuggling and whispering 
sweet loving sentiments to each other while I held them close.

What did you look like?

Hmm ...... Let me try to remember's been so long ago.

The Old man must have thought of me as 
very old
worn out
and ready for the garbage pile 
since he didn't want me anymore.

But I knew that wasn't the case ....
I thought I was beautiful.

At one time I may have looked like this ....
bright shiny new fabric,
strong sturdy legs
heavy springs and 
new batting inside to hold me together.

You really were beautiful!

No ..... that's not quite the way I looked.
Hmmm .... let me think .....

The legs and arms .... cushions look familiar on these two chairs
but the backs aren't quite how I remember. 
I had .... wings ...yes, that's right. I remember.
I had wide wings ..
Were you white ..... oh you would have been beautiful in white!

No ... not white,
or blue and white like this chair. But my back,
arms and cushion looked similar .... but the legs are wrong.

Well ... back to my story about the young man and his
 young wife.
Time went by and they had one baby
and another 
and another
and at last the final "another".
So they moved from the little old house,
to a new and bigger 
little house.
And of course,
they brought me along.
I was an important part of their family!
I was special ....big and comfortable,
and felt needed and useful for naps,
and cuddling the children while 
stories were read to them.

But I was beginning to look worn and faded .. my fabric was tearing at the seams, chocolate splotches and coffee spills, 
food stains dulled my original beauty ....
and my springs sagged and padding poked out here and there.
So the young father chose new material to go over my old material ....
NOPE .. fooled you. I did not look like a zebra when he was finished!
There were so many fabrics to choose from ..
cloth, leather, naugahide - it's like plastic -
and so many colors!
Oh it was exciting alright! I dreamed of waking up
and being more amazingly wonderful than ever before!
So the young father knew what he was doing
and skillfully removed all your old fabric,
strengthened your springs and 
re-stuffed your sagging cushions?

Ummmm .... nope. Not exactly.

He added padding to my cushion, turned me upside down and reinforced a broken spring, added a couple of slats, and attached the new fabric right over the old ....

But he chose a wonderful,
brand new material for you ... right? Was it
leather ... or a rich luxurious new fabric?

Ummm ... not exactly. He chose 
bright blue and 
slick and slippery 

I call that time in life my
"Slick and Slippery Blue".
And it lasted for quite a long time.
Until one day,
the Wife decided to restore me to my original glory!
Not that she could do a big, important restoration project like I needed. But she knew someone who could.
In the hands of an upholstering profession, 
I was lifted upside down,

tilted over,
laid down sideways,
seams cut away,
old worn batting removed,

my old bones proved to be strong 
but a few repairs were called for...
and what a surprise was in store for me while he was yet making me new!

"Well well well," I heard him exclaim once he had 
thoroughly torn me apart. "You clever old chair ... you have a much smaller chair hiding inside of you".

What did he mean ... a  much smaller chair inside of you?

The way I heard him explain it,
 muttering under his breath,
was that sometime in my past another upholstery person
had covered over my much smaller wings and arms and back and cushion with thicker padding, 
and I was re-made into a much fatter chair!
Of course, he called the Wife and told her 
what he had uncovered.
She told the upholstery person to bring me
back to my original smaller size. 

And my new fabric was real upholstery material, 
a lovely,  happy shade of 

So you lived happily ever after as a lovely orange ...
HEY ...hold it! You aren't an ORANGE chair!

You are so right!
I had one more very important restoration.
But first you must know ...
the Wife and Husband soon found their 
children all grown up and having children of their own. 
They moved out of their big house and into a sailboat. 
Which is way too small for a large orange chair!
But they did not throw me out to the garbage dump ...
even though, over time, I again became 
old and shabby looking.
But they loved me!
So one of their grown up children said, 
"We will take the orange chair because we have children
who want to cuddle in it and have stories read to them, and take naps in its arms."
And that's where I lived for many years .....until ...
those children grew up
and had children of their own
who wanted to be cuddled in the old orange chair,
and have stories read to them,
 and take naps in their mommy or daddy's arms.

But .... but ... you aren't an old, orange, overstuffed chair!

Happy to say, I am not an old, orange, 
overstuffed chair
any more! 
And this is how I became new and beautiful again.
As you may recall, 
the man and his wife moved away and sailed to Mexico. 
Before they sailed away, they gave me to their son.
Their son then gave me to their daughter when she
had little children.

 The children sat in me for story time, naps and cuddling with their daddy. 
They didn't mind that I was 
old, orange, and overstuffed.

But I needed to be covered with a pretty blanket 
to hide stains and spots and tears and stuffing 
coming out of my seams.
The mommy would have none of that!
She knew I could be beautiful again. 

"Out of the chair, girls. I've work to do!" 
said the Mom.

She slid me out of the corner

and into the middle of the living room.
I was nervous as she began removing my material, 
and pulling out my batting, and ripping my seams and .....

"What's this?" she exclaimed, tugging at some hidden material
beneath my arms. "It's old, old fabric! Must have been
 on the chair when it was brand new."
She pried and pounded,
hammered and repaired,
until finally she was ready to decide on
beautiful and new fabric.

"Yes! This will do nicely!"

I liked it very much ... I said so softly that she 
could not hear me.

Topsy turvy,
upside downsey!
Oh my .... I hoped she knew what she was doing!
But then .....
all work on me stopped
I was afraid unfinished was my plight 
for the rest of my days.
 I heard her admit that she didn't know 
how to put my back onto the rest of me.
Oh dear, oh dear ... I was afraid. This will never do.
But it's not as if I could do anything about it.
So I accepted my 
not quite perfect condition,
content that I was almost
a perfectly new and beautiful old overstuffed chair.
But .... but 
you ARE a perfectly new and beautiful old overstuffed chair now! 
Yes ... as you say.
But you know, don't you, that I have always been
a perfectly beautiful old overstuffed chair
even when my fabric was torn,
my seams were splitting,
my springs sprung out of shape, 
and my batting was falling out.
I was always beautiful from the inside out ....
I know I was because
I had love and a place in the hearts
of all those young and old
who trusted me with their children's naps,
story time,
cuddle time and 
those sad times that 
a human just needed
a comfy old
overstuffed chair.

Yes indeed!
That's exactly what I am.
A perfectly beautiful
old, restored overstuffed chair.
Would you like to sit a spell?
Naps allowed!