Saturday, April 23, 2011


Okay .... this might not scare the boogers out of most people .... but it sure got my attention!
"It" had been closed up in the pantry since after Christmas. "It" had been part of my Christmas decor. While "It" was still alive  people commented on "It's" beauty and grace and ruby-red vibrancy.
The time comes that even something of beauty and grace has outlived "It's" visual pleasantness.
I just can't toss "It" ..... throw it out with the garbage. "It" might have some life left.
I had people say they only bloom once. Then you buy a new one around Christmastime again.
 "It" was weedy-looking after the beauty faded and stems drooped and dried up.... all wilty.
"It" sat on the windowsill in the living room for weeks. I gave it a dash of water every now and then ....
silly thing to do because it looked dead.

I'll just stick "It" in the bottom of the pantry until "It" does something .... or nothing  .... or whatever these things do when shut away in a dark pantry.
It's kind of like throwing food away that's stored in the frig ..... never toss it until it can walk out of the frig on it's own. Keep that image in mind .....
 I saw this sign on my daughter's refrigerator.
"If it can get out on its own .... let it go!"
But I digress ...

Christmas ornaments and holly, dried up tree and greeting cards put away or tossed .... and "It" stashed away in the bottom shelf in the pantry after I cut away the wilty stems.
And I forgot all about "It" ... now but a short brown protrusion in a pot.
End of story.
Until one day last week .........
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