Monday, June 27, 2011


Four hands
one shovel-ready job ...
build a foundation
for our home
in Lakeview.

and a garden in 2004 

It was the last garden we worked on together. He died Feb. 3, 2009.

Me, Myself, and I do the gardening now ...
Myself is reaching for the rake.
Preparing a garden for planting, cultivating, and nurturing baby tomatoes, cabbage, broccoli, strawberries and green beans is a labor of love. One that is not impossible, but difficult to do alone.
The story about the "Little Red Hen" illustratrates this:

"Won't someone help me till the soil for my garden?"

Nope, huh uh..... too busy.... sorry, the other animals told her.
"Alright, I'll do it myself."
And so she did.
"Won't someone help me plant the wheat?

I simply can't, dahling .... too much for me to do .... sorry!
"No problem," she said. "I can do it myself."
And so she did.

"Won't someone help me harvest my wheat?"

Harvest? Hm, can't .... chomp, chomp.... have all this other stuff to do..... munch, munch. I'll get back to you.
"Don't worry ... I understand. I think I can do it myself." And she did.

She received the same answer from her barnyard friends for grinding the wheat
mixing the wheat
and baking the wheat into bread.

And when the bread was fresh out of the oven ... and she
produced nice fresh eggs
for a farmyard breakfast
(cow, by the way,  provided milk and butter )

the Little Red Hen
called out,
"Who will help me and my chicks and cow EAT the bread?"

I WILL! said the turkey
I WANT SOME!  said the ducks.
I HAVE ROOM FOR A MOUTHFUL OR TWO ... THREE! ...burp! said the pig.
Perhaps a teensy little bite ..... I'm full up to HERE
on clover! said sheep.

We all know that the Little Red Hen then told her
barnyard friends
"NOT ON YOUR LIFE BUCKOS! ................."

But wait ..... before you start thinking this is MY story ...
                         ME seeking help to plant MY Garden ...
                                                      Let me explain ....

Within the first year after a loved one dies
there's no end to the heartfelt hugs and
offers to help,
"Let me know if you need anything,"
Family and friends offer.
 It doesn't fill the hole in your heart ....
but it helps.

Cards and letters of condolence fill your mailbox to overflowing the first few months after your loss.
Small booklets sent by someone who has gone through this sadness 
advise and help direct you through the fog that has enveloped you. 
Phone calls and messages left on the answering machine remind you that you're not alone .... "I care," is the message.

Hugs and prayers surround you at church reminding you of the strength and peace that can only come from God .... knowing your loved one is saved. 
Organizations you find the strength to attend, and people you barely know stop to smile and ask how you're doing ..... in the Safeway parking lot.
And family ..... they prove to be the strength and courage, laughter and memory-sharers that get you through that first year....
                                     or Year Of Firsts
                                              I called it.
I used the term "strength" in each example above .... that's what you don't have. Strength sometimes to simply get out of bed,
or get dressed .... buy groceries or eat .....
or breath ...... 
sometimes you have to remind yourself ...

What does this have to do with the story about
The Little Red Hen?
you might be wondering.
I'm not sure.
You see, when I start a new post in my blog
I sometimes - like now - just sit down and start to type.
So  ..... how this develops will be a surprise to us all!

to be continued .......

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