Monday, May 14, 2012



That's silly!
How can one hand clap?
Or without two hands on a clock,
how could you tell time .......

                                                                                                                              or catch a fish .....
                                                                      or safely steer a "baby motorcycle"  ....

or carry bunches of  logs to stoke up a woodstove ?

You could pet a dog with only one hand ....... but they prefer two
for maximum pleasure.

One hand folded over someone else's is warm and comforting

But God gave each of us two hands.
Two is a good number for hands, and eyes, and ears and feet.
Because if you lose one hand,
or eye,
or ear or foot -
which can tragically happen -
there's always a spare.

You can give a high five with only one hand,
 pinch a cheek,

or salute a soldier of higher rank.

But to raise a flag in times of war,

 or build a memorial bench and plaque for a loved one lost,

or light a small flame to keep memories alive,

it takes two brothers

four .......

and sisters more

to keep our families

Have a peaceful, safe Memorial Day
and hug your spouses and children,
grandchildren, friends and parents
and keep the memories alive of those we've lost.

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