Friday, May 25, 2012


"Here's your coffee, Snickers. And you ain't gonna believe what I just saw outside my bedroom window."
"Don't bug me ..... I haven't even had a sip of coffee yet."
"No really, Snickers, it's not what you expect to see on Memorial Day weekend," I said glancing out the window again.
"Merrrarwwww ... coffee smells good. Still too hot ...... has to cool a bit."
"SNICKERS! Are you listening to me? You gotta come see out the window! You won't believe your eyes!"
 "I wish she would quit her yapping ... a cat can't move until that first sip .....Still too hot."
 "I'm not really a 'morning cat' ... I like to sleep in until at least 8 a.m.,
then I can get on with my day. Uh oh ... here she comes again with her telling me about something outside."

"You have to trust me here, Snickers. You aren't going to believe your eyes!"

"I've seen deer, mice, quail, dogs, humans, chipmunks, lightning, tractors ....horses .... what's left to see?"
 lap lap lap lap lap..."Now that's what I call a good cup of coffee.
Okay ... pushy one, what ya got for me outside the window?"

"What'd I tell 'ya? May 25, 2012 and it's SNOWING! Hope the goldfish don't turn into golden popsicles again .... they just thawed out!"
 "The trees are covered ....
the bridge and rocks .... 
even the 'boy and his dog' statue on the other side of the pond is covered ....Snickers, did I tell you I found that statue at the dumps broken in two places and I glued him back together? And just look at the tulips ......."
" .... all droopy and sad looking!"

"The horses came to the carport .....Dee Dee, the girls new horse, and Teaser......
to ask me what's going on .... snow in summer! While I opened the gate to let them in the front yard to eat the tall grass in the flower beds, Perro told Dee Dee he wouldn't chase her this morning until after she had breakfast."


"Dee Dee pushed away the snow and found some good clover under the tree ....
 and Teaser ate around the tulips

I looked around and noticed I was talking to myself ..... Snickers had left the coffee at the bathroom sink and ..... hmm ... I wonder where he went ......
"Does Monica really think I give a hoot about the weather? I'm an inside cat now in my old age."
 "Git outa here, Perro, it's time for my after coffee, pre-breakfast
nap. And tell her not to wake me unless it's something more unusual than snow in summer .... wait! 
It's not summer yet .... it's just late spring!"

Happy Memorial Day from Snickers, Perro, Dee Dee, Teaser, the 'golden popsicles' and Monica.
And remember and appreciate your loved ones 
and those whose
memories you have tucked away in your hearts.

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