Tuesday, April 19, 2011


  TOP LEFT:  '38 CHEVY , CAR IN MIDDLE   Belonged to   Eldon Lawson.  Please leave a comment in my blog the year and make of other cars in photo.
TOP RIGHT:  WHERE ARE THESE CARS AND YOUNG MEN NOW? ....1952    I don't know a Chevy from a Ford from a Pontiac. Which is which?
MIDDLE LEFT: 31 MODEL A .... Palo Alto (Calif.) High School Auto Shop 1952.The ONLY High School class the guys in these pictures never skipped out of.
MIDDLE RIGHT: '41 HUDSON  Eldon was driving a '52 Hudson when we met in 1955. The car in the photo belonged to his best friend, Stan Wooley. He and Stan joined the Marine Corp together. Hoo Hoo Hoo Hoo Hoo! Or ... whatever Gung Ho gutteral noise Marines make.
BOTTOM LEFT: '38 CHEVY. Eldon's pride and joy. Look close ... the hood is missing. He'd drive it  .... fix it. Drive it..... fix it .... Good thing his dad was a mechanic.
 BOTTOM RIGHT: 1952. Look at the car on the left ... the hood is missing.
"Hmm, now where did I leave that hood?"
THIS WAS THE FIRST POST ON MY BLOG .... Interesting that I chose Eldon's old car photos ..... I hope the youngsters reading this and seeing the cars have a sense of who Eldon was as a teenager ... He would get an old car .. him and his buddies ... and fix it up .. drive it then get a different old clunker.  Hmm ... wish I had one of these of CLUNKERS now!

In the "good-old-days" when these photos were taken and before digital cameras, pictures were taken, brought to the drug store to get printed, then stored - along with the negatives - in any receptacle that would hold them... until you got around to putting them into an album. Shoe boxes were a favorite storage place.

(The wonders of modern technology! Today I took these photos out of the shoe box and placed them in my printer, pushed a button, and like magic the images were placed into My Photos in my computer. Wayyyyyy better than a shoebox!)

Since the dawning of the automobile, up to today, young men bonded in their early teens with their buddies and vehicles. What else was there that was worth getting greasy and sweaty and grungy with testoserone coursing through their young bodies?
One by one these young men traded the grease and sweat for hair goop and deodorant .... girls came into the picture. Now let's be honest here .... girls prefer cars that at least have a hood attached in the front and don't cough and sputter, then stop at every intersection. The boys and girls paired up ..... stayed together or went separate ways. The boys joined the military or went to college, got married ......
One very special boy, the one who owned the '38 Chevy, quit High School and joined the Marine Corp.
And right after his 20th birthday he met a girl. A very young girl. She was 15 and told him she really liked the '52 Hudson he was driving. He offered to sell it to her for a quarter. She liked his hands .... and his eyelashes. And you know what .... she really did like that old blue Hudson.

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