Monday, September 5, 2011

Sept. 5, 2011
The Little Old Widder Woman
has been on a bit of a break
from her blog.
She's been:
watching art videos,
catching up on painting techniques,
preparing art entries for the Lake County Fair,
Sept.1-5, 2011,
setting up her easel and brushes, paints and
seeking inspiration for next

working on the family in
"Family Treasures"

and staging live geramiums and studying them
so they will look real when she
attempts to paint the geraniums
in "Family Treasures."

I don't know why I'm talking about myself in
the Third Person .... just thought it was kind of cool.

There's no
improvement in the
handiwork and artistry
of God!
Phew! He was good!

This is the most challenging
painting I've ever done ....
am doing.
In an earlier blog I told how it had been damaged
and then repaired by Master Art Conservatores,
Kristin Anderson and Don Pierce,
Junction City, Oregon.
It's also Fall season.
I hate to admit it but it's here.
Leaves are starting to fall ..... of course,
it might just be my cherry tree
that has half of the lower bark
chewed and gnawed, pecked and peeled
by woodpeckers.
My flower gardens are in need of
cutting, trimming and pulling out to
prepare the beds for next Spring.
So I called my
"Gardeners Extaordinairre"

Little Man

and Teaser!

"WHAT? I was right in the middle of
a tasty Bachelor Button bush!"
He gets a bit testy when he's disturbed
while eating lunch.

They'll tear out the clover and crabgrass that's taking over the flowerbed,
munch on creeping and prickly weeds,
and all the while leaving
not so dainty little piles of
fertilizer for next years flowers.
What about the flowers they step on
or crunch into the ground?
No problem. They'll come back up out of the ground
next season
no worse for wear.
it's good to be back on my blog!


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